Primrose Gate Medical Centre will be taking part in the National Vaccination Programme against Covid-19.

Who is to be vaccinated?

Everyone over 70 years of age will be offered the Covid-19 vaccine in the next phase of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.  This will be done in accordance with the advice of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC).  In keeping with nationally agreed guidelines, those aged over 85 years of age will be vaccinated first followed by those aged 80-84 years, then those aged 75-79 years and then those in the 70-74 year age group.

The HSE will supply our practice with a quantity of vaccine which corresponds to the number of patients registered with our practice in each of the relevant age cohorts.  The G.P.s and practice nurse will have no discretion in relation to the administration of those vaccines.

When will the vaccination clinics be held?

The vaccination programme is commencing the week of 15th February 2021.  However, the scheduling of clinics will be dependent upon the supply of vaccines from the H.S.E.

We hope to receive our first supply of vaccines on Wednesday, 24th February 2021 and to hold our first vaccination clinic for those aged over 85 years on Thursday, 25th February 2021.

Those in the 80-85 year age cohort should be vaccinated two weeks later, depending on the supply of vaccine.

Likely schedule of vaccination clinics depending on supply of vaccine from the HSE:

>85 yrs: 25th February 2021
>80-85 yrs: 11th March 2021
>75-80 yrs and 2nd dose for those >85yrs 25th March 2021
>70-75 yrs and 2nd dose for those 80-85 yrs 8th April 2021

Two doses of vaccine are required to complete the course of vaccination.  The second dose of vaccine is given 4 weeks after the first dose.

Where will the vaccination clinics be held?

The vaccination clinics will be held in Oaktree Clinic, Unit 6, Shackleton Rd., Celbridge, Co. Kildare W23 R6W2.

How do I make my appointment for the vaccination clinic?

Please wait for us to contact you.  We have identified all patients due to be vaccinated from our practice register and we will be in contact with you by phone prior to your clinic date.

Please do not phone the medical centre to enquire about the vaccination clinic as a high volume of calls will block our phone lines and prevent sick people from accessing care.

Which vaccine will I get?

We have no control over the supply of vaccine or which vaccine is allocated to patients of Primrose Gate Medical Centre.

Currently, the over 70’s age group will be given the Pfizer BioNtech or Moderna mRNA vaccine.  This is based on current evidence surrounding the vaccines and could change as more information becomes available.

Detailed information on these vaccines is available on the following links;

Pfizer BioNtech mRNA vaccine: Pfizer BioNtech mRNA

Moderna mRNA vaccine: Moderna mRNA

More general information about Covid-19 vaccination is available on the following link: HSE Covid-19 Vaccine

In order to assist us in the safe running of the vaccination clinics, we ask your cooperation in the following;

Please attend at your given appointment time.  People who arrive early cannot be facilitated within the clinic due to limited space.

Carers are encouraged to help patients into the building if required, but will not be able to wait inside the building due to space constraints.

Please wear short sleeves or clothing which allows ease of access to your upper arm

Expect to be in the clinic for approx. 20 minutes.  You will be required to wait for a period of 15 minutes observation after you receive the vaccine.