We will be completing vaccination of patients in the OVER 70s age cohort over the next 4-5 weeks in addition to undertaking vaccination of patient in the VERY HIGH RISK group (Cohort 4).

Patients in the VERY HIGH RISK group are those between 18-59 years of age with one of the following medical conditions;

  • > Diabetes with HbA1c > 58mmol in last 12 months
  • > Obesity – BMI > 40
  • > Chronic Respiratory Disease – on home oxygen or hospitalised in the past 12 months

Our participation in the National Covid-19 Vaccination Programme will end when we have completed vaccination of patients in these two cohorts.  We will not be undertaking vaccination of patients in the HIGH RISK GROUP (Cohort 7) as we do not have the capacity to provide this service without significant curtailment of normal General Practice services with attendant risk to our patient population.  The participation of General Practice in the National Covid-19 Vaccination Programme is optional and it falls on each General Practice to make a decision as to what level of service they can provide.  

It is anticipated that an alternative facility will be put in place for vaccination of those people in the HIGH RISK group (Cohort 7) whose General Practitioner is not in a position to provide this service. We await further detail in relation to this facility. This notice will be updated as information becomes available to us.

Thank you for bearing with us in recent months.  It continues to be a challenging time for all.