Primrose Gate Medical Centre operates a policy of accepting requests for the renewal of prescriptions in written format only.  This policy is strictly adhered to and our practice receptionists are not permitted to accept verbal requests for medication at any time.  This policy is in place to:

  • > Ensure maximum patient safety.
  • > Ensure that patients are aware of the medications they are requesting.
  • > Reduce the risk of prescribing unnecessary medications.
  • > Ensure accurate records of patient medication requests are retained.
  • > Minimise human error.

Our prescription renewal service covers long term medication which has been prescribed to treat chronic health conditions.  Safe and effective management of chronic health conditions requires attendance at a GP or Consultant Specialist at regular intervals.  Blood tests to monitor certain parameters are often an essential component of the management of chronic health conditions.

If you wish to view a list of some common chronic health conditions, commonly prescribed long term medications and our recommendations for frequency of review and monitoring of blood parameters, please click

Our prescription renewal service involves a review of your chart by one of our doctors to ascertain when you were last reviewed and had blood monitoring done with respect to your chronic health condition(s) and what recommendation was made with respect to your follow-up care at that time. If the doctor deems you to be due or overdue a check-up or blood tests for your condition, you will be contacted by the Practice and asked to make an appointment to attend the doctor or practice nurse.   If the doctor feels it is safe to renew your prescription without further action, a prescription will be sent by secure email to your choice of pharmacy and you will be notified of this by a text message from the Practice.

Information on the Practice text messaging service is available

Please allow 3 working days for your request to be processed. There is a fee of €20 for this service unless you hold a valid medical card or doctor visit card (DVC) in which case no fee applies. Payment made be made online or by phoning the practice with credit/debit card details.

To request a renewal of your prescription, please complete the fields below and click ‘submit’.

Alternatively you can download and print a pdf version of the form HERE and post the completed form to the Practice.

Example: Cardura, 4mg, Twice Daily


Prescription Renewal

Payment for script renewal. No payment is required if you hold a medical card or doctor-visit-card.

Please be advised that in proceeding with this transaction it is not automatically guaranteed that your requested prescription will be issued. The decision to issue the prescription rests with the prescribing doctor. If, for any reason, we are unable to honour your request, we will facilitate a full refund of your payment.