Prostate Health Screening

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Men’s Health Check

This is a comprehensive assessment of your health status which includes a questionnaire, completed and submitted in advance of your appointment, an initial assessment carried out by our practice nurse and a consultation with one of our doctors.

Indices measured by our practice nurse:

> BP
> Height
> Weight
> Urine analysis
> Abdominal girth
> Fasting blood tests

Fasting Blood Tests:

> Full Blood Count (FBC)
> Liver Function Tests (LFTs)
> Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs)
> Cholesterol/Lipid Profile
> Fasting Blood Glucose
> Serum Ferritin
> Iron Studies
> Bone Profile
> Folic Acid
> Vit. B12 level
> +/- Prostate Specific Antigen (age dependent)

Consultation with the doctor which involves:

Discussion with lifestyle advice and physical examination of
> Cardiovascular System
> Respiratory System
> Gastrointestinal System
> Testicular Examination
> +/- Prostate Examination (age dependent)
> Skin 
> Mental Health
> +/- Referral for a Chest X-ray or ECG free of charge if deemed appropriate

A written report containing an interpretation of the ‘Men’s Health Check’ findings will be issued to your address within 14 working days.

The cost of the Men’s Health Check is €180.  Any additional investigations or follow up consultations are not covered by this cost but we do offer a reduced rate to ‘Men’s Health Check’ patients for 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring if it is clinically required.

Please contact reception to make an appointment for your Health Check.

Please complete and submit this questionnaire in advance of your appointment for your Health Check.