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Blood Tests

Height/Weight/Body Mass Index

Spirometry (handheld)

Blood Pressure/ 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring 

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Screening  Click here

Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)-Screening Test for Memory & Cognitive Deficits

Childhood Immunisation Programme

At Primrose Gate Medical Centre, we offer a comprehensive childhood vaccination service.  The Primary Childhood Immunisation Programme is a FREE service for all children.

Vaccinations are carried out by our Practice Nurse, Trina Tracey.  Appointments can be made with her each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning.

For further detailed information regarding the National Childhood Immunisation Programme please go to

Other vaccines for children which can be provided on request include;

-Meningococcal B Vaccine

-Chickenpox Vaccine

-Human papilloma (HPV) Vaccine

Please contact the medical centre for further information.


We provide antenatal and postnatal care to expectant mothers and their babies under The Maternity and Infant Care Scheme.  Care under this scheme is provided free of charge. 

The scheme provides a schedule of antenatal examinations to expectant mothers, an examination at 2 weeks of age for the baby and a postnatal examination at 6 weeks for both mother and baby.  

More detailed information about this scheme can be found at


Our doctors and practice nurse provide advice on the types and suitability of various contraceptive methods.  See also

We also provide a service in Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) which includes insertion and removal of 

  • Implanon NXT
  • Mirena IUS
  • Copper IUD


  • Women’s Health Check. For more information, please click here.
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Contraception
  • Menopause
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening.  For more information, please click here.
  • Cervical Screening: this is a FREE service provided under the National Cervical Screening Programme, CervicalCheck.  For further detailed information regarding this service or to register for this service please go to or phone the Freephone Information line: 1800 45 45 55.


Men’s Health Check

This is a comprehensive assessment of your health status which includes a questionnaire, completed and submitted in advance of your appointment, an initial assessment carried out by our practice nurse and a consultation with one of our doctors.
Indices measured by our practice nurse;
Urine analysis
Abdominal girth
Fasting blood tests

Fasting Blood Tests;
Full Blood Count (FBC)
Liver Function Tests (LFTs)
Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs)
Cholesterol/Lipid Profile
Fasting Blood Glucose
Serum Ferritin
Iron Studies
Bone Profile
Folic Acid
Vit. B12 level
+/- Prostate Specific Antigen (age dependent)

Discussion with Lifestyle Advice and Physical Examination
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Gastrointestinal System
Testicular Examination
+/- Prostate Examination (age dependent)
Mental Health
+/- Referral for a Chest X-ray or ECG free of charge if deemed appropriate

A written report containing an interpretation of the ‘Men’s Health Check’ findings will be issued to your address within 14 working days.
The cost of the Men’s Health Check is €180.  Any additional investigations or follow up consultations are not covered by this cost but we do offer a reduced rate to ‘Men’s Health Check’ patients for 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring if it is clinically required.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening

Sexually Transmitted Infection (make available on clicking on link)
STI Screening
At Primrose Gate Medical Centre we offer comprehensive screening tests for STIs.  As with all consultations confidentiality is assured.  Screening for asymptomatic patients who are concerned they may have a STI is carried out by our practice nurse on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  If a patient has a specific problem or symptom our doctors will devise the appropriate investigations and treatment.
The STI Screen involves;
– A detailed history
– A urine sample
– Blood samples
-+/-Vaginal/Penile swabs 
– An examination for genital warts and herpes as appropriate
The STI Screen tests for;
– Hepatitis B & C
– Syphilis
– Chlamydia
– Gonorrhoea


-Seasonal Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccines

-Hepatitis B Vaccine (Course of 3 vaccines @ 0,1,6 months. Blood test to check titre 1 month later)

-Tetanus Vaccine

-Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV)

-Varicella Vaccine (Chicken Pox)

-Zoster Vaccine (Shingles)

-Meningitis B Vaccine


> Phlebotomy

> Wound Care – Removal of Sutures

> Ear Syringing

> Injections – Vitamin B12

                   –  Osteoporosis Treatment

                   –  Breast Cancer Treatment

                   –  Prostate Cancer Treatment

> Diabetes Clinic


Suturing/Gluing of skin lacerations

Cryotherapy to remove warts, verrucae, seborrheic keratosis, skin tags